Health, Safety and Environment ("HSE")

As an oil and gas company, health, safety and environment ("HSE") is of paramount importance to the Group and its operations. Adopting high standards of HSE practices is part of the Group's commitment, values and work culture. Full commitment to HSE is required from all its officers, employees and contractors.

HSE Goals:

Occupational Health And Safety

Maintaining a safe and conducive work environment for our people and contractors and preventing workplace accidents are our top priorities. Any accident which occurs may have an adverse impact on our workforce and our operations and may result in casualty, injury, work disruption, additional financial costs, legal penalties as well as reputational damage. As such, we place strong emphasis on cultivating good safety habits and practices in our workforce. Workplace safety is an important aspect of our business and vital to workplace productivity. We advocate a strong safety culture and emphasise that every worker has a responsibility towards his/her own safety, and that every accident is preventable.


We believe that conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner is essential to operating a successful and sustainable business. We are committed to complying with the relevant environmental laws and regulations in the countries where we operate in and strive to conduct our business in a prudent and responsible manner. Industry best practices are adopted where applicable.

Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR")

The Group aims to make a long-term positive impact on the local communities in places where we have an active operation. Through our CSR programmes, we aim to encourage community spirit and [promote] communal activities to effect positive change. Our CSR programmes focus on the 5 core areas of Education, Health Assistance, Economic Development, Environment Conservation, and Infrastructure Development. The Group has implemented several initiatives and programmes to help and benefit the local communities, some of which are highlighted in the photo gallery below.